Dock/Groundload Conversion
U.S.PAT.NO. 7,152,726
LT Ranch Supply, L.L.C
LeRoy Stotts

(580) 922-4973
Cell: (580) 922-5527
Seiling, OK 73663


LeRoy and Tammy are ranchers in Northwest Oklahoma and have a real life understanding of cattle ranching needs. The idea for the LT Dock/Groundload Conversion came into existence when LeRoy needed a convenient way for one person to move cattle from pasture to pasture using a pot trailer.

Of course LeRoy thought the best way was to buy a new ground load trailer, but Tammy quickly explained that this was not in their budget and told him to figure something else out.  The plan for the ground load conversion came late one night and LeRoy soon made a prototype.

Using the LT Dock/Groundload conversion, one person can easily load and unload cattle without a separate livestock chute.