Dock/Groundload Conversion
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LT Ranch Supply, L.L.C
LeRoy Stotts

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Cell: (580) 922-5527
Seiling, OK 73663


Thank You

Thanks from the Stotts Family. We would like to thank you for your interest in the LT Dock/Groundload Conversion. We appreciate doing business with you. I hope you have good grass, good moisture, and the cattle business has been good to you. Thanks again, and remember the important things in life-- God and your family.

LeRoy Stotts
LT Ranch Supply, L.L.C.


The LT Dock/Groundload Conversion is now an essential part of my ranching operation. One person can load or unload the cattle pot by himself. There is no time lost or wages spent waiting for the second person to bring a loading chute. Plus, with the extra high fuel cost, the dollars saved with my LT Groundload has more than paid for itself already.

Jerry Nine
Owner of Woodward Livestock Auction
Rocking 9 Ranch

Dear LeRoy and Tammy,
Just a note to thank you for inventing the LT Groundloader. Ginger and I think this is the best investment in equipment that we have made in a long time. Our operation is very spread out and we rely on portable panels and make-shift lots. The LT Groundloader allows us to use our truck as well as our gooseneck trailers at the same chute or panels while leaving us flexible at the sale barn to use the dock or trailer line depending on which is the shortest.
Once again thanks.

Jimmy and Ginger Emmons
Owners Circle E Farms