Dock/Groundload Conversion
U.S.PAT.NO. 7,152,726
LT Ranch Supply, L.L.C
LeRoy Stotts

(580) 922-4973
Cell: (580) 922-5527
Seiling, OK 73663

After building the first LT Dock/Groundload Conversion a patent was applied for and granted. The LT Dock/Groundload chute won the National Farmer Idea Exchange at the 2005 American Farm Bureau Convention in Charlotte, NC. We won the free use of a New Holland TV 145 tractor for a year and lots of free TV time. This was a great way to start out our new business!

We have enjoyed all aspects of the business of LT Dock/Groundload Conversion. We have made many new friends as we deliver the ground loads, seen lots of miles of scenic roads and visited many nice ranches. We have crisscrossed the United States, sold groundloads in Canada and had inquiries from Australia.

We were both raised on Oklahoma ranches and now are raising our two girls on the ranch. We have a cow-calf operation and also graze stocker calves on winter wheat pasture. Our idea had GOD's hand in it because only one small change was made from the first LT Dock/Groundload prototype!  Tammy had been praying for a second income source to help with the ranch income, so GOD and Tammy get the credit for the LT Dock/ Groundload.  Life has been good to us and GOD has blessed us.  Remember the important things in Life---GOD and FAMILY!!!!

Thanks, LeRoy and Tammy Stotts, LT Ranch


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